Business Auto Insurance

Business Auto Insurance

If you own a business or plan to start one, you must get some kind of business insurance policy. This is especially true if your business requires the use of vehicles. SkyBlue Business Insurance PolicySkyBlue Insurance offers great coverage options for Business Auto Insurance. It’s important to have this type of coverage for your commercial vehicle, even if you use that vehicle as a daily driver.

Liability Limits

Business Auto Insurance comes with more liability coverage options than regular auto insurance. A Business Auto Coverage Policy can cover passengers, customers, employees, and work equipment. Usually, normal auto policies only cover the driver and sometimes the passengers.

Business Liability Auto Insurance - Business Auto Insurance

Vehicle Types

Normal auto policies usually cover the standard vehicles you see on the road: cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, etc. Business Auto Insurance covers these vehicles, but they also cover trucks (dump trucks, box trucks, food trucks), utility vans, limos, taxis, flatbeds, and more. You can also cover multiple company vehicles under the same policy with Business Auto Coverage.

Type of Business Auto Insurance


As mentioned above, employees are covered on your Business Auto Coverage policy. So, say an employee drives your car, but you don’t have business auto insurance. If that employee crashes, your regular insurance will not cover them for any injuries and they can in turn sue you for hospital bills. If you do have the vehicle covered by business auto insurance, your policy will take care of the car and their medical bills.

Business Auto Insurance

If your business requires the use of vehicles, be sure to protect your company, vehicles, equipment, customers, and employees with a General Business Auto Insurance policy. You can also go online and get a General Business Auto Insurance quote to see how much your policy would be. Stay safe and keep your business on the move!

Steps to Starting a Business

Most people dream to be their own boss. But starting a business may not be as easy as some think. There are some steps..

Reasons Businesses Get Sued

Lawsuits are stressful and emotionally and financially draining, so it’s best to avoid them when possible.
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Business Auto Insurance

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